Virtual Mastercard




What is globalVCard

CSI globalVCard™ is a Virtual MasterCard® app designed for B2B use only as an alternative payment method with mobility to create secure single and multi-use MasterCard® account numbers. A unique one-time use Virtual MasterCard account number is generated for each payment without the plastic card. Perfect for card-not-present transactions, such as online, over the phone, catalog purchases, mail in payments, or anywhere MasterCard is accepted. CSI globalVCard™, is a revolutionary B2B application for on-the-go businesses of all sizes. It creates secure virtual MasterCard® account numbers against your existing CSI account. Create. Pay. Go.




Making mobile payments is nothing new. But making mobile payments with a single-use card number is REVOLUTIONARY. We have all had that “What If?” moment when you put in the CVC2 code in an online purchase order. Now you can create a secured MasterCard number on the go, pay your vendors via smartphone device or iPad and forget it!